I am pleased to see this site and the updating step what you have taken, in parallel feeling rueful as this work should be initiated by we people but unfortunately due to busy lab schedule it was hard to communicate with all our friends. Howsoever I am sending you the latest information about myself. At present I am working in Dept. of Biomedical Engg., INMAS-DRDO, Delhi with Sh. Sushil Chandra (Scientist- F and Head). I am getting JRF-DRDO as fellowship award for my PhD. My research area includes Meditation and cognitive processing but I am also supervising the other work in my lab related to cognition as our main motto of project is "Cognitive enhancement of defense personnel", we are developing cognitive training modules which are either video game based or Virtual reality based. There is a lot to discuss about my work which can not be explained in mail.

Kanishka Sharma
Dept. of Biomedical Engg.
Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences
DRDO- Ministry of Defense
Ph (O)- 011-23905229 Mo.- 844762153