My stay at Jiwaji University Gwalior was unlimited fun with world-class learning. Within no time I got a part of very healthy environment and made several good friends. Every day in the department was awesome and flourished new concepts and ideas. The key lessons I learned there, turned out to be the most significant in life. I love my teachers specially Dr Nisha Patro whose constructive feedback kept me right on track of success. I witnessed the department growing like a tree, which was not possible without the hard work and commitment of Dr Ishan Patro. I have been to more than 50 institutions in the world but the time spent in Gwalior, I consider the best. I miss those long meetings held in the lawn by Dr Ishan Patro teaching the best lessons for life through his own experience and stories. Jiwaji University played a very important role in my success.

Ranjan Kumar
PhD Candidate
Biernaskie and Midha Lab
Hotchkiss Brain Institute
University of Calgary, Alberta,
Ph: 403.918.8510