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List of Publications

Papers published in peer-reviewed journals

1. Patro, Nisha, Singh, Kavita and Patro, I. Differential microglial and astrocytic response to bacterial and viral infection in the developing hippocampus of neonatal rats. Indian J. Exp. Biol. (In Press, Impact Factor- 1.295)
2. Kumar, K., Patro, Nisha and Patro,I. (2013) Impaired Structural and Functional Development of Cerebellum Following Gestational Exposure of Deltamethrin in Rats: Role of Reelin. Cell. Mol. Neurobiol., doi: 10.1007/s10571-013-9942-7(Impact Factor: 2.423)
3. Sharma, Shashi, Joshi, G., Dash, P.K., Thomas, M., Athmaram, T.N., Kumar, J.S., Desai, A., Ravi, A., Patro, I.K., Rao and P.V., Parida, M.M. (2013) Molecular epidemiology and complete genome characterization of H1N1pdm virus from India. PLOS ONE, 8(2): e56364. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0056364. (Impact Factor – 4.4)
4. Mishra, B, Leishangthem, G.D.,  Gill, K., Singh, A.K.,  Das, S., Singh, K., Xess, I.,  Dinda, A., Kapil, A., Patro, I.K. and Dey, Sharmistha (2013)A novel antimicrobial peptide derived from modified N-terminal domain of bovine lactoferrin: Design, synthesis, activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria and Candida. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1828 (2013) 677–686. (Impact Factor – 4.66)
5. Swarnkar, S., Goswami, P., Kamat, P.K., Patro, I.K., Singh, Sarika and Nath, C. (2013) Rotenone induced neurotoxicity in rat brain areas: A study on neuronal and neuronal supportiveCells. Neuroscience, 230,172–183. (Impact Factor – 3.458, Cited by 1)
6. Swarnkar, Supriya, Singh, S., Goswami, P., Mathur, R., Patro, I.K. and Nath, C. (2012) Astrocyte activation: A key step in rotenoneinduced cytotoxicity and DNA damage. Neurochem. Res., 37(10):2178-89 (Impact Factor: 2.24, Cited by 1)
7. 7. Swarnkar, Supriya, Goswami, P., Kamat, P.K., Gupta, S., Patro, I.K., Singh, S. and Nath, C. (2012) Rotenone-induced apoptosis and role of calcium: a study on Neuro-2a cells. Arch Toxicol.,
 86(9):1387-97. (Impact Factor: 4.041, Cited by 2)
8. Dhanwani, Rekha, Khan, M., Bhaskar, A.S.B., Singh, Rajpriya, Patro, Ishan, Rao, P.V.L. and Parida, M. (2012) Charecterization of Chikugunya virus infection in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells: Role of apoptosis in neuronal cell death. Virus Res., 163: 417- 686. (Impact Factor: 2.905, Cited by 2)
9. Patro, N., Sharma, Arpita, Karaya, K. and Patro I. (2011) Spirulina platensis protects neurons via suppression of glial activation and peripheral sensitization leading to restoration of motor function in collagen-induced arthritic rats. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 49:739-748. (Impact Factor- 1.295, Cited by 1)
10. Saxena, Gunjan, Patro, I.K. and Nath, C. (2011) ICV STZ induced impairment in memory and neuronal mitochondrial function: A protective role of nicotinic receptor
Behav. Brain Res., 224(1): 50-57. (Impact Factor: 3.393, Cited by 8)
11. Swarankar, Supriya, Singh, Sarika, Sharma, S., Mathur, R, Patro, I.K. and Nath, C. (2011) Rotenone induced neurotoxicity in rat brain areas: A histopathological study. Neuroscience Letters, 495:178-182. (Impact Factor: 2.055, Cited by 4)
12. Khan, M., Dhanwani, R., Patro, I.K., Rao, P.V.L. and Parida, M.M. (2011) Cellular IMPDH enzyme activity is a potential target for the inhibition of Chikungunya virus replication and virus induced apoptosis in cultured mammalian cells. Antiviral Res., 89: 1-8. (Impact Factor: 4.439, Cited by 8)
13. Khan Z., Khan, N., Tiwari, R.P., Patro, I.K., Prasd, G.B.K.S. and Bisen, P.S. (2010) Down-regulation of surviving by oxaliplatin diminishes radioresistance of head and nech squamous carcinoma cells. Radiother. Oncol., 96: 267-273. (Impact Factor: 4.831, Cited by 23)
14. Swarnkar, S., Singh, S., Mathur, R., Patro, I.K. and Nath, C. (2010) A study to correlate rotenone induced biochemical changes and cerebral damage in brain areas with neuromuscular coordination in rats. Toxicology, 272: 17–22. (Impact Factor: 3.641, Cited by 7)
15. Mishra, B., Srivastava V.K., Chaudhry, R., Somvanshi, R.K., Singh, A.K., Gill, K., Somvanshi, R., Patro, I.K. and  Dey, S. (2010) SD-8, a novel therapeutic agent active against multidrug-resistant Gram positive cocci. Amino Acids, 39: 1493-1505. (Impact Factor: 4.106, Cited by 2)
16. Patro, Nisha, Nagayach, Aarti and Patro, I.K. (2010) Iba1 expressing microglia in the dorsal root ganglia become activated following peripheral nerve injury in rats. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 48: 110-116. (Impact Factor: 1.295, Cited by 10)
17. Patro, I.K., Amit, Shrivastava, M., Bhumika, S. and Patro N. (2010) Poly I:C induced microglial activation impairs motor activity in adult rats. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 48: 104-109. (Impact Factor- 1.295, Cited by 3)
18. Shrivastava, Meghna, Patro, Nisha, Kumar, K. and Patro, I.K (2009) Changes in pain sensitivity with age, differ in male and female Wistar rats, Rattus norvegicus (Berkenhout). Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India, Sect. B, 79(III): 235-239.
19. Kumar, N., Singh, S., Patro, Nisha and Patro, I.K. (2009) Evaluation of protective efficacy of Spirulina platensis against collagen induced arthritis in rats. Inflammopharmacology, 17(3): 181-190. (Cited by 15)
20. Patro, Nisha, Shrivastava, Meghna, Tripathi, Surya and Patro, I.K. (2009) S100β upregulation: A possible mechanism of deltamethrin toxicity and motor coordination deficits. Neurotoxicol. Teratol, 31:169-176. (Impact Factor: 3.274, Cited by 5)
21. Patro, I.K., Saxena, K., Tiwari, S. and Patro, N. (2008) FK-506 helps motor coordination recovery following sciatic nerve transaction in the young but not in the senile rats. Int. J. Neuroprotec. Neuroregen., 4(2):145-150.
22. Saxena, K., Patro, N. and Patro, I.K. (2007) FK506 protects neurons following peripheral nerve injury via immunosuppression. Cell. Mol. Neurobiol., 27:1049-1057. (Impact Factor: 2.423, Cited by 10)
23. Patro, N. and Patro, I.K. (2005) Effects of deltamethrin on granule cell migration during post-natal development of rat cerebellum. Indian J. Exp. Biol., 43: 158-162. (Impact Factor- 1.295, Cited by 5)
24. Verma, D., Ray, S.B., Patro, I.K. and Wadhwa, S. (2005) Enhanced analgesic effect of morphine-nimidopine combination after intraspinal administration as compared to systemic administration in mice. J. Biosci., 30: 101-107. (Impact Factor: 1.888, Cited by 2)
25. Vimal, S., Sissodia, S.S., Meena, P., Barber, S., Shukla, S., Saxena, A., Patro, Nisha, Patro, I.K. and Bhatnagar, M. (2005) Antioxidant effects of Asparagus racemosus wild and Withania sominifera Dunel in rat brain. Annals Neuroscience, 12: 67-70. (Cited by 2)
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28. Patro, Nisha, Gupta, Praveena and Patro, I.K. (2002) Lipofuscin in cell aging and cell death. Indian J. Gerontol., 16: 45-68. (Cited by 2)

Reviews published in journals and edited books

1. Patro, Nisha, Saxena, Meghna, Kumar, K., Patro, I.K. (2011) developmental neurotoxicology of pyrethroids: Structural and functional retardation of cerebellar development. In Emerging Trends in Zoology Eds. U.C. Srivastava and S. Kumar, Narendra Publ. House, N. Delhi, pp.1-21.
2. Patro, Nisha, Kushwaha, S. and Patro, I.K. (2010) Aging of microglia: Does it influence neuroprotection. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India, Sect. B, 80(1): 14-23.
3. Patro, I.K. and Patro, Nisha (2009) Studies on aging of the brain. In: Neurosciences in India, Eds. Dhawan, B.N. and Seth, P.K., Indian Academy of Neurosciences and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, pp.319-334.
4. Patro, I.K., Pathak, Seema and Patro, Nisha (2005) Central response to peripheral nerve injury: Role of non-neuronal cells. In Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (Eds. M.K. Thakur and S. Prasad) Narosa, Delhi, pp. 217-233. (Cited by 3)
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