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Alumni Association of Neuroscience (AAN)

Post Graduate Programs

M. Sc. Neuroscience

It is a 2 years (4 Semesters) teaching programme. The students with a M.Sc. degree in Neuroscience would have acquired the basic knowledge in major disciplines of the subject such as neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, molecular neurobiology, neurogenetics and the working of motor, sensory and regulatory systems, development and regeneration of the brain as well as aspects of biotechnology such as cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and tools of the trade. They would also acquire practical training in the above aspects as well as in research methodology and computational skills.

Semester-I Semester-III

NS/101- Cell Biology and Neuron Organization
NS/102- Biochemistry 85 15
NS/103- Genetics and Molecular Biology
NS/104- Laboratory Tools and Techniques
NS/105- Laboratory Course-I: Cell Biology
NS/106- Laboratory Course-II: Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

NS/203-Developmental Neurobiology
NS/204-Cellular Neurophysiology and Biophysics
NS/205- Laboratory Course-III: Neuroanatomy
NS/206- Laboratory Course-IV: Neurophysiology

Semester-II Semester-IV

NS/301- Neurochemistry
NS/302- Systems Neuroscience-I: Sensory and Motor Systems
NS/303- Systems Neuroscience-II: Regulatory System
NS/304-Behaviour and Cognitive Neuroscience
NS/305- Laboratory Course-V: Neuropathology
NS/306- Laboratory Course-VI: Behavior biology Semester-IV

NS/402- Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics for Neuroscience
NS/403- Laboratory course-VII: Research Methods, Biostatistics and Computer Applications
NS/404- Dissertation
NS/405- Viva-voce related to the Dissertation

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