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Alumni Association of Neuroscience (AAN)


Ph.D. Programme

The School intends to educate future scientists who will become leading researchers and educators in the brain sciences.

Key Areas of Study

  • Involvement of glia in brain development, aging and injury

  • Cellular and molecular basis of brain aging

  • Neurotoxicology: Developmental Neurotoxicology

  • Adult Neurogenesis (Neural stem cell research)

  • Glial response to infections

Research Projects

During 1989-2007 we have completed 08 research projects and 03 are in hand on aspects of brain research like neurotoxicology of commonly used household and agriculturally important chemicals, stress and brain response, development of brain areas, possibility of retardation of aging changes in brain, drugs for the aging brain, behaviour and color change in animals and cell death in brain at old age. We have been supported by the Department of Biotechnology Department of Science & Technology, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Defense Research and Development Establishment. The following is a detailed information on our research projects.

S.No. Funding Agency Principal Investigators Title
1. DBT Dr. I.K. Patro Role of Microglial activation on neuronal apoptosis (2000- 2004)
2. DST Dr. I.K. Patro Studies on immunophilin ligand as novel modulators glial activity and mediators of neuroprotection (2002-2006)
3. DST Dr. Nisha Patro Role of glia in pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders (2003-2006)
4. DBT Dr. I. K. Patro/
Dr. Nisha Patro
Role of microglia in adult neurogenesis (2006-2009)
5. ICMR Dr. I.K. Patro/
Dr. Nisha Patro/
Dr. Y. K. Jaiswal
Aging of microglia (2007-2010)
6. DBT Dr. I.K. Patro/
Prof. S.K. Shankar (NIMHANS)/
Dr. Anita Mahadevan (NIMHANS)
Phynotypic alterations in astroglia and microglia in the brain- in response to tuberculous pathology in association with HIV/AIDS (2008-2010)
7 DST Dr. Nisha Patro Influence of early neurotoxic exposure on structural and cognitive aspects of cerebellum at adulthood and senility (2009-2012)
8 ICMR Dr. I.K. Patro Impact of maternal exposure to deltamethrin during gestation on cerebellar organization and cognitive development in the new born (2011-2014)

Training Obtained in India and Abroad

Neuroscientists of the Department have visited some leading international Centres like the MRC Neurochemical Pathology Unit, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Department of Molecular Biology, North-Western University, Evanston, Illinois, USA; Department of Physiology, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; Department of Physiology, University of Singapore, Singapore. The recent one at the University of Cologne, Germany. We actively collaborate with some of the leading Institutes in the Country in executing our activities. Collaborative exchange program with a German Institute was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Indian National Science Academy (INSA). We are now strengthening this relationship.

Our Faculty and Post-doctoral Fellows have participated in the Overseas Collaborative research at the MRC Neurochemical Pathology Unit at Newcastle upon Tyne. We now have research collaboration with Scientists at NIMHANS, Bangalore; AIIMS, New Delhi and CDRI, Lucknow.

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